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Wedding cake designs sure to wow

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Picking your wedding cake could be a long journey...

First, find the "one" bakery with many try outs (the best yummy part). Then, deciding models such as how many layers and finishing. Last, coordinating and delivering it.

We can search for options near by or maybe we have one bakery we love. BUT, what happens if the bakery is near to you but far away from the reception venue? Or even worse, the baker we love doesn't have a license and/or insurance. This is a very important thing because most of venues require the vendors to be certified and insured.

Last example is what actually happened to one of my couples. She loves cakes from one of her friends, but she was not able to get it because she was not licensed. The maid of honor was in charged of finding the bakery. She just wanted it to be her present for the couple. So, I wasn't involved on it since it was a private/friendship thing. Three weeks before the wedding, I was trying to get in contact with the maid of honor, so I could get information about the bakery and its delivery times. Happen to be... that bakery was way far away of the venue, and they were able to deliver it that far. They offer that the cake could be picked up, but it probably could get there all smashed. What do we do now? I tried to look for different bakeries on the area, but most of them were already booked and busy. We finally found one place what accepted the order. They said it was going to be ok and look like the picture we gave them. In this case, because of the time, there was no way to try the wedding cake favors and options. Desperate, couple just agreed, and decided to trust. It was a 3 layer cake, with pink flowers around it; and that bakery stated they will do it accordingly to the picture. I wish I could say that the cake come out wonderful because it did not. They made it on cream base, so all the "flowers" around were cream base. I saw my bride so disappointed, so I was. But, my job was that she feels so happy that day, that I just tried to cheer her up, and seem like the wedding cake doesn't look that bad. I know the photographer tried his best for the shoots. The best I did for them was to make the cutting cake really fast, so not many people noticed it. At least, this famous cake was tasty because I heard guests saying it was a good cake. What we learned from this? Things happen, it is true. But, even your family or friend have the best intention to help, it is not going to be like a professional work. I tried my best to fix this issue, even thought it didn't have the best results I expected.

In the end, at least They HAVE a cake!

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