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Travel with Love

El'Event Weddings as a Travel Advisor is looking forward to help you to find your dream destination with stress-free!

Let us take care of your trip planning and you will only focus on enjoying it. 

We started offering destination weddings, and now we have expanded to offer more options for couples, singles and families! 

We are a Certified Sandals Specialist and we are ready to provide different options according to your dream destination wedding, Honeymoon or Anniversary Trip.


Where Dreams Meet Destinations:

Your Perfect Wedding Awaits!


Destination Selection Assistance

Our expert team will work closely with you to handpick the perfect location for your dream wedding, taking into account your preferences, budget, and vision.


Additional Experiences and Activities

Elevate your destination wedding experience with a variety of curated experiences and activities for you and your guests, from welcome parties to group excursions and beyond.


Travel Arrangements

Say goodbye to travel stress! Our experienced travel agents will manage all aspects of transportation and accommodations for you and your guests, including flights, hotels, and transfers.


Personalized Planning Consultations

Enjoy dedicated one-on-one consultations with our wedding planners, who will guide you through every step of the planning process, from creating a customized timeline to selecting vendors and designing your dream decor.

Beach Wedding
Holiday Resort
Holiday Resort


Your Dream Honeymoon, Perfected!



The process usually starts with a consultation where the couple discusses their preferences, interests, budget, and desired destinations with a honeymoon specialist. This helps the planner understand the couple's vision for their honeymoon.


Customized Itinerary

​​The planner designs a personalized itinerary tailored to the couple's preferences. This may include a mix of activities like romantic dinners, sightseeing tours, adventure excursions, spa treatments, and leisure time.


Transportation Arrangements

The planner assists with booking flights, airport transfers, and any other transportation needed during the honeymoon, ensuring smooth transitions between destinations.


Special Touches

To make the honeymoon extra special, planners can arrange for romantic surprises like champagne and flowers upon arrival, couples' spa treatments, private dining experiences, or even arranging for a photographer to capture special moments.


Destination Research:

Based on the couple's preferences, the planner conducts thorough research on potential honeymoon destinations. This includes considering factors such as weather, activities, cultural experiences, and romantic accommodations.


Accommodation Booking

 Once the destination and itinerary are finalized, the planner arranges accommodation reservations at hotels, resorts, or villas that match the couple's preferences and budget. This may involve booking honeymoon suites or rooms with special amenities.​


Activity Reservations

Honeymoon planners can arrange reservations for various activities and experiences, such as sunset cruises, snorkeling trips, cooking classes, or wine tasting tours, based on the couple's interests.


Travel Documentation

Honeymoon planners provide assistance with travel documentation, including passports, visas, travel insurance, and any required vaccinations, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in order before departure.

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