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When a Planner plans her Own Wedding!


Our Love Story:


We belong to that amazing group of couples that have found his/her soulmate on a dating app! 😁

Call it destiny or God's plan... But, we randomly saw each other before even planning for a date.

Our love story pretty much started when I was looking for a photographer for a wedding I was planning back in 2019.

On our first date, I saw his amazing work, his photography art, and I loved his work!

I definitely wasn't planning at all to hire my date lol. But, his portfolio was very impressive and his prices were super affordable, so I did! 😅

Besides his amazing work, I really enjoy all the things we had in common and we definitely clicked on our first date! ❤

Since then, I really enjoy every time we got to work together! (We are an amazing team! 💪❤)

And, I'm very happy for the family we have become and for the love he has for my little daughter and my grandma! ❤

I love you so much @niko_menko 🥰

We both belong to this beautiful love industry, and we love to work with you all, amazing couples! 😍

📸 Thanks to @empyreanartsllc for capturing this beautiful scene!

This is Something I really want to share with you all! ❤ We are getting married in June this year! ❤

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